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“The Oldest Drum Beats in the World"

Spring-Summer Special
African Drums Interactive Presentations

Is an exciting interactive presentation experience for everyone.  Baba Kwasi takes everyone on an educational and magical journey through African history with songs, African drumming, storytelling and the ”listeners test” where the audience participates to show if they are good listeners through responding to the beat of the drum.  

An array of African drums and percussion instruments will be setup and used to demonstrate the universal power of sound and vibration (music) and movement (dance) and the roles that music and dance play in daily life. Depending on audience size, participants will rotate having an opportunity to play the instruments.  

Offer expires May 31st. 2017


Enrichment- The act of making something more meaningful. 
The rhythms, dances and cultures of Africa have influenced many aspects of world culture.  Through African Drumming and Dance, children and adults are provided rich historical connections and opportunities to learn and expresses themselves together. Participants will learn lessons in African and Afro-American history and gain a greater understanding of the Diaspora of cultures and traditions, and life lessons they possess.

We offer several formats

Presentation & Performance
Presentations, and Storytelling for assembly, diversity and team building occasions, public and private events. Unique experiences that excites, informs and  engages everyone’s  participation.

Short and long term Enrichment programs for Day and After School, Community centers and Organizations interested in cultural enrichment, performing arts and character building experiences for their students or staff.

Dance Classes
African African Dance classes for all ages, public and private venues.

Drum Circle Presentations
African Drumming and Dance workshops for music and dance teachers, students, community centers, and team building presentations for organizations, private and public gatherings.


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