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Students learn to work as a group learning specific traditional dance expressions and the history and meaning of the dance.

We provide dance attire (Lapa's) and an array of Drums and other percussion instruments to accompany the dance class experience. 



Everyone will participate learn to play as an ensemble. Upon completion of instruction and rehearsal, students will perform to finally to demonstrate what they learned.  Character building  and life skill elements of our classes  are

Format: 45-60 minutes per session

African Dance is a vehicle of language arts that have significant movements with specific meaning and purpose. Like all forms of dance, most of what is called African dance communicate a particular message.  Dance is used in a variety of ways, from the social and secular to the sacred and spiritual aspects of human expression. 

Dance Classes are accompanied with drumming (live rhythms) and includes warm-up exercise.  

Format: 60-2 hr. / per session

An important aspect of dance is one's own connection with self, nature and with others (family and community). Through movement and rhythm we praise and honor through celebrations, ceremonies and occasions.


The history and relationship of African music (particularly the drum) in connection with aspects of the Diaspora of African and African American culture has and continues to have a major impact on world music and other cultures. Music and memory.  From the beat of the heart to the beat of the drum, human expression and connections are made.
limited number of authentic African instruments such as Djembes (hand drum), shakares (gourd shaker/rattle), agogo (bell) and djundjuns (heavy drums) will be provided, played and taught as part of the drum, and drum and dance experience.  Participants who have their own instruments will be instructed on how to use them, and eventually play together as a group by the end of the session. 

A demonstration of the intricacies of African polyrhythmic style and the control of sound, vibration, tone and volume will be instructed. The African tradition of call and response communication and singing, which carries over into instrumental music as well as the use of hand clapping, foot stomping, and the use of the voice to imitate sounds are all part of the wealth of expression utilized in various forms of African music. A percussion orchestra will be arranged for the students to showcase what they have learned upon the end of the workshop or series of classes. 

Format: 60-2 hr. / per session


Though the magic of storytelling, everyone will take a journey to find the oldest drum beat in the world.

One of the popular stories told by Baba Kwasi is the story of the Real Lion King Sundiata Keita "An epic of old Mali” and Mansa Moussa, whose fame and wealth would make him the richest man in our day and time.

Inspiring, educational and interactive.   Students learn about history, languages and cultures of the African Diaspora through storytelling, music, dance and more. We provide an array of African drums and other percussion instruments for participants.  

Presentations are crafted for various occasions such as family gatherings, public and private events, schools and community based institutions.

Format: 30-60 minutes / per session

African Drumming and African Dance workshops for music and dance teachers, student, community centers,  and team building workshops for organizations, private and public gatherings. Our focus in mostly West African, Afro-American and Caribbean Dance traditions.

Format: 30-60 minutes / per session
Duration: 1-2 days per week, 4 to 12 Weeks