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Ayubu Kamau Kings & Queens African Drum and Dance
(meaning perseverance) Kamau (meaning quiet warrior) 


The Ayubu Kamau Kings and Queens is a performing arts and youth mentoring organization.   Our program is centered in the education and preservation of African centered performing arts, history and culture.  Our theme is "Character Building through Cultural Awareness.  We believe that character building through the arts, nurtures the love for learning and living to ones full potential.

Over the past twenty years we've provided cultural enrichment programs and presentations for Public &  Private Schools, Colleges and Universities, Libraries, Churches, Community Organizations, City and State Agencies and private events.  See our list of Presentations and Performance History.


A.I.M. (Achieve, Inspire, Motivate) High
Using performing arts (African Drum, Dance, Theater, Mentoring, Storytelling and Interactive Experiences) to provide and nurture fundamental life skill tools for personal and collective growth.

The essence of African Drum and Dance is healing and community.  As in many forms of art, The beat of the drum and the movement of dance serves as a means to achieve a sense of expression and fulfillment.  Our character building programs promote self discipline, confidence, collective work, responsibility and respect for self and others.

In Memory of the life Accomplishments of

Baba Ayubu Bakari Kamau (founder of the Ayubu Kamau Sacred African Drum and Dance Society)

Iya Ile (e-ya e-lay), founder and program director for the Ayubu Kamau Kings & Queens.
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Baba Kwasi (Ba-ba Kwa-See) is the  program manager for the Ayubu Kamau Kings & Queens and Baba Kwasi Communications  (view bio)

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